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Nobody can beat our Preschool Portrait program

Kids love the funny routine so much they can't wait to get up there and get their picture taken- the smiles are natural, the lighting and photo quality is amazing and the results are priceless. We'll photograph up to 150 kids before lunch and get two great poses of each child with ease. Packages are printed and brought back to the school where our efficient sales team will sell them by the sheet- no forms to fill out. Photos not seen are left with the director for a week so that all of your clients will have a chance to buy.

Fine Quality Portraits

In Focus Photography's Preschool Program is the answer to all of the hassles of picture day! We will make picture day a breeze and entertain your kids with a super funny routine that always produces cute natural smiles. Moms and Dads love the fine portrait quality prints and the easy fast service- with no orders to fill out and delivery to wait for- and all at a great low price. Give us a call at 281.373.0663 to reserve your date.

Sales and Service

Your work will be kept to a minimum by our polite and courteous sales staff, and at In Focus the customer is always right and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Portrait packages are made up in advance and sold by the sheet. Who gives away the digital files??? We do! In Focus High Quality and resolution JPG files are available free with the entire six sheet package. Contact us for our promotional terms and conditions at 281.373.0664.

The Mister Funny Fundraiser

This can't be beat- you get 100% of the sales of your class photos. We deliver a nice big box of 5x7s, each mounted in a cute schoolhouse folio and selling for ten bucks. Each class is printed head count plus some extras- teachers and directors get theirs free and your early learning center keeps all of the proceeds. Most of our schools see a 90% sell through on this item and our program is in it's 25th year, earning piles of fundraising dollars for our schools.


In Focus Photography

12606 Rolling Valley Drive

Cypress, Texas



Mon-Fri 9am-5pm